The title tag

We’re on day three. Tagtober is going great! So here is one of the most important tags you have to have to make a webpage. Although, technically a webpage can display without it, it’s not wise to. The <title> tag also has a closing tag. <title></title> It displays the title of your page. Eg: My webpage. If you leave it blank then it will display the root. What do I mean? Say if you have your document in a folder on your computer. It’s going to display something like: //My Documents://My Webpage//index.html. Along those lines. If you upload that to the internet then it will be along the same lines but with the host’s information instead. You definitely don’t want that. You also want people to find your website and the title tag helps them do that. So let’s continue our example:



<title>My Webpage</title>



See you tomorrow!


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