Why is the ‘center’ tag gone?

Can I whine when I say, ‘why is the center tag gone?’ I know I am being a cry baby, but the center tag was one of the best tags for both HTML5 and CSS3. Now it is outdated and you can’t use it anymore. Damn you whoever made this decision! Okay so let me clarify a bit about the center tag. In HTML5, the center tag, <center>, was used to center items on the page. You could even center the whole page if you wanted. This made things a whole lot easier if you wanted a clean look. In CSS3, you had to use:

align: center;

Which was so much easy if you knew how to write stylesheets or even used it in the HTML document itself. The thing is that now you cannot use either you have to use different ways to center the items on the page. These I will have to explain in a more in depth article later. I am working on a one-page website where I had to center the navigation and title boxes and neither line up with each other. It would have been easier if the center tags were still here. Alas it is gone. Goodbye center tag.