Beginning a web portfolio in college

This idea came to me a long time back. I guess it’s just sort of a no-brainer, but for some of us that are starting in the web design or web development we might not think of keeping every little piece or project that we have done. While I attended DeVry University for my first two certificates, one in Web Design and the other in Web Development, I had no thought about keeping everything. Sure there were a few pieces that made me proud and I decided to keep them, but not everything. That is where I went wrong. Now, I am going back for my B.A. in Multimedia Design and Development and anything I create that is related to my field, I am keeping. So why is it important to start a web portfolio in college and does it have to be perfect?

No. You don’t have to have a perfect web portfolio. You’re a student. That’s the point. As you are venturing throughout college you will have various classes and will collect many projects. Display these on your portfolio. Explain what you are learning, what you have learned, and what you are going to learn. I think a lot of us tend to over-obsess about the look of a website, but I have seen some really great portfolios that have simple layouts.

It’s also important to have that portfolio because you will start networking in college, with both friends, professors, and even future employers. So even though it is not a perfect representation just yet, it shows people what you are capable of and lets them learn a little about you.

Since I am going back to college for my B.A. I am having to redo some of my basic classes and most all of my web development and design courses have already been taken, but I still have a few left. Those I do not, I will be making sure to save and add to my portfolio.

I also want to make one thing clear: don’t haphazardly throw your web portfolio together. You need to show who you are without jumbling everything up. There are ways to make everything nice and professional and if you ever need a helping hand there are plenty of websites I can hook you up with for resources either for inspiration, information, or for help with things like colors or photo resizing.

Above anything else, remember, it’s about you. Make it about you and make it fun while you do.


Working on my portfolio

I’ve complained about making a portfolio before, but right now I am working on some websites for my portfolio. The one I am working on now is a redo of my first website ever, which was about whales. It was generalized of course. It wasn’t comprehensive. This is my one-page website and it will only feature information about five whales. It’s the first time I am using a background image. So far I like it. I’m thinking I can get it done tomorrow or Sunday if I put my nose to the grindstone. Then I will start work on my multi-page site. So anyway, I will update with some more articles soon. Just have had a busy life. Talk soon and have a great night!

The web portfolio blues

Making a web portfolio sucks. I hate to say it. It really does. All in all a web portfolio is supposed to show your work that you have done for possible future employers. However, I was not smart enough to save some of my work and even then, a lot of my school work looked not too perfect.

It therefore is my bane to have to churn out a web portfolio. And no I am not going to do one of those pre-designed ones. I am a web developer and I will be building mine from scratch thank you. What’s so hard is coming up with the inspiration of what I want on the website and how to get people to come. I like simplistic layouts. However, you have to have a zinger of a portfolio to make yourself stand out.

So while I get some of my smaller projects out of the way, I will come up with some more wireframes and figure out what kind of design I will try. So much to do, so little time.

Serenity Hutchinson